Palash Tea

Palash is an indigenous flower found in the villages and forests of Bengal. Due to its numerous medicinal properties, tea made out of it can have many health benefits. So we created a typography based on the Bengali script while developing the identity of this brand. Some tribal graphical elements were included as an ode to the indigenous people from the forests of Bengal. For colours we decided to go with the shades of palash flower and earthy tones.

Scope: Brand Communication, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Branding

  • Introduction:

    The brand is a representation of a tribal community which resides in the West Bengal state of India. The product they are selling is tea made from the "plash" flowers, which are found in villages and forests of West Bengal. We know this flower for its health benefits. Tea made from these flowers tastes delicious and is good for the body.


    “So, we created a packaging that represents the people who make this tea and the place it comes from. The packaging is reminiscent of how tea was being sold traditionally. We aimed at visualizing the true essence of the product.


    We created two typefaces inspired by the santal people. We created a Bengali typeface. The second typeface that we created was an English adaptation of the Bengali typeface. People who produce palash tea are called Santals and they speak the Bengali language.


    The orange colour represents the fire element present in the flower. We added elements that symbolize the Culture of the tribe.

    The holistic assembly of all the elements gives us product packaging that is an absolute representation of its origin. The packaging holds the power of getting attention for its unique and contrasting design.

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