JK Papers Impressions Of Love 2

Impressions of Love

A tribute to great love stories born at a time when we say love is impossible in the generation of online dating. With JK Papers tagline of creating lasting impressions, Venacava developed real life stories of real people who made a lasting impression by promising to love and cherish inner beauty.

The idea was to portray an unconditional impression of love through a series of short social media films for Valentine’s Day. The stories are a testimonial to what true love is and connects one soul to another with their unique expression of love whether they are an acid attack victim or differently abled. It was a proud moment as well a great experience for Venacava to be able to shoot real life stories that touched thousands of hearts out there on social media.

Scope: Brand communication, Social Media Film, Script writing, Brand strategy

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Design & Art Direction