IKSU is a brand with a complete range of cosmetic products and skincare products. They are a cruelty-free, no-parabens, and no-sulphate brand. They carefully chose ingredients to suit different skin types. Making you feel fresh and calm is the prime goal of IKSU.

Scope: Brand Communication, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Branding, Illustration

  • For this project, we teamed up with an inspiring multi-specialised creative agency named “Wunderman Thompson.” They did a wonderful job of shaping the brand strategy for IKSU. They needed someone to design packaging for various skincare products for the brand. It was time that we bring all the products to life through our design.

    There were various products with different design needs that were up for new packaging. We carefully sculpted the design framework by keeping it relevant to the brand.

    For the packaging of soaps, we chose colours that give are vibrant and feel fresh. The soaps are all handmade. And give us a hint of luxury with their scrumptious aroma. The illustrations feel tender. They give the vibe of youth and sophistication.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Design & Art Direction