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IKSU Facewash

IKSU, with an expansive array of cosmetic and skin care products, stands firmly committed to cruelty-free ethics and the omission of parabens and sulfates. This dedication extends to their meticulous selection of ingredients, thoughtfully tailored to suit diverse skin types and prioritize a revitalizing and soothing user experience. devised a design framework that seamlessly resonated with its core identity. When crafting the facewash packaging, we embraced a vibrant and invigorating color palette to evoke a sense of freshness. The facewash, meticulously concocted, indulges users with a touch of luxury through its captivating fragrance. In the realm of visuals, the illustrations exude a gentle allure, effortlessly marrying youthful vibrancy with refined elegance.

Scope: Brand Communication, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Branding, Illustration

  • Teaming up harmoniously with the innovative agency "Wunderman Thompson," we embarked on a journey to actualize IKSU's brand vision. Our central mission revolved around designing packaging for a diverse range of skincare products, each demanding a unique design approach. Guided by the brand's principles, we meticulously

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Design & Art Direction