Chilli Chow Company

Chilli Chow Company is a really unique brand even in the sense of the name. So our challenge was to give it true to its core foundation in Chinese look as well as Indian vibrancy. Therefore, we followed marks left behind by the first Hakka community that invented Indo-Chinese cuisine. The unique signage shape in the logo reminisces the crowded Chinatown market with bright, neon-tinted, luminous signages, followed by wide sans-serif font to serve symbolically to modern India and Chinese typography.

Scope: Brand identity, Communication, Branding, Strategy, Logo Design

  • Introduction

    Chilli chow company is an Indochinese QSR that brings a flavourful delight to existence. It combines Chinese and Indian food. The restaurant caters to every Indian taste bud that cannot say no to Indo-Chinese food, aka “Desi Chinese”.

    Fresh cabbages, Crispy carrots, vibrant spring onions are the heroes of the desi Chinese kingdom at chilli chow company. Flavourful soy-sauce and Indian spices together create magic in people’s plate. Chilli chow always adheres to its brand’s motto which is to serve the delicate desi-Chinese flavour in every dish.

    The company provides fast delivery services through various food delivery platforms. They give their specific attention to quality and cautiously handle food during delivery serving hot to you.

    It was an honour for us to collaborate with the Chilli Chow Company and work on such an interesting project.

    Industry: Hospitality, QSR, Restaurant, Food and Beverage
    Industry: Hospitality, QSR, Restaurant, Food and Beverage


    We had the task at hand to represent Chilli chow Company as it truly is. Indo- Chinese food has a kingdom of its own. “Desi-Chinese”, are the two words that describe it the best. We had to showcase the love of India for Indo-Chinese food. Desi Chinese has deep roots in our society and is also a popular guilty pleasure. We had to show this passion in a visual form.p>

    Brand Identity:

    The Name Chilli Chow Company gives a strong impression. Initially, we had a different name in mind but we were destined to make an impact and accidentally stepped upon “Chilli Chow”. It all started there. During our research process we came across intriguing pieces that served as inspirations. The logo design process started from there and continued till we assembled all our puzzle pieces. Our Attention was grabbed by the bright Signs on the streets of China, the Chinese lanterns, and the Chinese temples. The logo becomes complete with the tagline “made in India” depicting Indian significance.

    Chinese food came to India a long time ago and over time it started to fuse with Indian spices. What is still Chinese India is a marriage of two cultures that created magic. Chilli Chicken is a popular dish in India which is to this date considered the most lip-smacking collaboration of Indian and Chinese food.

    Magic in any form: We at Venacava Designs gave a great focus on making the designs compatible with any form of display. We created a Menu card and tested the designs on a variety of marketing collaterals.


    The Chinese characters as we observed them appear boxy and are vertical. We wanted to give the same feel through our typography. The logo design gives a vertical feel and depicts the font perfectly.

    The similar size characters give us a reminiscence of the Chinese characters and are supported by the phrase “made in India” stands for exactly what the company is about.

    Collaboration of thoughts:

    At Venacava Designs, we recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Chilli Chow, an Indo-Chinese QSR. Both the chilli chow team and the Venacava Designs team were in Intune when it came to thought process. Our focus lies constantly on keeping the design true to our original vision. We kept our communication flowing throughout the branding process. We used effective design tools to illustrate the authenticity of Desi Chinese. Our like-mind approach led to successful user testing and we got fruitful feedback. Our collaboration has given birth to a brand that stands true to its name and has successful market positioning.

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