Altigreen neEV

ALTIGREEN is a revolutionary company that works on the principle of ‘INNOVATION’ and ‘SUSTAINABILITY’. They have revolutionized the EV market through their ‘made in India’ technology. The brand ALTIGREEN neEV stands in the market as a highly competitive solution provider. Their commercial Ev vehicle has a 7-8 charging time, which is similar to what competitors promise. They claim to give four times more profit to their consumers. The approximate mileage is 150 km. They stand out in the EV market and delivery commitments.


    Automobile, Electric Vehicle, Commercial EV, Auto


    Brand Identity, Communication, Branding, Strategy, Logo, Design

    Brand Identity:

    ““ALTIGREEN neEV” is a green automobile brand that needed a strong, reliable brand design strategy. We projected the brand as green, efficient, and high-efficient. We have designed a logo that represents a powerful brand. Thus, we used a chrome effect, as the automobile industry uses ‘chrome’ for protection and aesthetics. We had a bunch of logo options and we went with the one that truly represented ALITIGREEN neEV. We crafted the logo in a way that corner of every letter ends with a leafy shape. So, we used ‘Green’, ‘Grey’, and Black as the primary colours. We created different versions of the logo to show different facets of the brand.

    It took us approximately one month to reach our final logo. We holistically invested ourselves in the branding, we worked on the promotion campaign that metaphorically showed the camel as an example.

    We received the name ‘ALTIGEEN neev,’ which made no sense itself when pronounced. We had to create meaning while designing the logo. Making ‘EV’ in capital letters not only gives meaning but also helps us include the entire category in the name.

    It is an honour for us to collaborate with a magnificent brand like ‘ALTIGREEN neEV.’ The brand represents a powerful technology that is made in India. We tried to reflect that powerful revolution through our brand design.

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